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Tale of a fish

Happy Endings vs Friends

The anti-anti-Disney post

In which I jump excitedly and bite my nails about Homeland

What if life were more like theatre?

Here comes the wedding post

Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty?

All you need is love

Enter the Russians

Grey’s Anatomy characters I want to punch in the face

Three pieces of literature that taught us true things about love

Manic pixie dream bitches

I’m mole!

MTV’s Bring on the night and the state of youth programming

Please stand up

A jumbled sea of stories

A CIG’s  Guide to why you should read The BB Guide to the GIG

No coco on our channel


My show, your show

Who’s got it covered?

Why you should watch Bunheads


Who will cry when you die?

What women want: the male character you can have a crush on

In which we get incredibly self-indulgent

The story of a people

Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte

Suits or straitjacket?

The clash of the Knives

Ruskin Bond and what he embodies

Oh Season nine! Zey zink zey are so cool wiz zeir baguettes and zeir Eiffel Tower.

Drinking, TV style

To-do: Read

The written word

Judging ’em by the covers

Let’s go the movies, let’s go to the show

A universe of awesome

The many types of young readers 

We’ve seen this Jhalak before

Preach alert: How to read when all you want to do is not

The art of storytelling

A few of my favourite things

The best men on TV

Why I will never be a reading snob again

Who’s black, bald and does not look like a bitch?

We’ll be loving this show in two different millennia soon

Big bang head on desk repeatedly (A special appearance by Amogh Ranadive) 

Kids stuff: Children and reality TV

The Hunger Games: How I went from sceptic to fan

Awkward sex and Aamir Khan: Should you bother?

The He-who-must-not-be-named of punctuation

An ode to bad TV

A plea to TV: Stop messing with our childhood memories

So filmy: Hating on Bollywood is so last season

That can’t be right: Magic realism and the practical mind

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