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Manic pixie dream bitches

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Manic pixie dream bitches

Aww, silly Jess look she just fell over the couch and showed her pink underwear to a bunch of important people at a fancy party. Whoops. How cute is that?

Ohnonono, poor Rebecca. She just opened her mouth and said something silly to a big shot man in a suit. What is she going to do? Ohmaagood, he loved her idea and though she was cute. Oh, well…giggle.

I’m fucking tired of these girls. I’m not saying all manic pixie dream girls are annoying. Some of them, I actually like. Because they are fun and a little crazy and mostly, they aren’t trying really hard to be. Jess of New Girl is the most recent character to make my blood boil. The thick rimmed glasses and the cute summer dresses and the incessant jabbering and the clumsiness. And they all look the same right down to the bangs and the nervous hand twitching. How can that be anything but adorable?

Well there is absolutely nothing cute about being a klutz. I know, because I am one, and I wish everyday that I would wake up and not hurt myself with the pointy edges of my bed, the hard meter in that rickshaw, stub my toe against the table or scrape my knee. If you know me in real life and have never seen me fall down a flight of stairs or bleed from a wound I got from that drawer handle, please comment and let me know. I have marks and bruises all over and it is not cute. Can’t really wear flowery little summer dresses when you’ve got a large scab on you ankle can you? And from experience, I can say that summer dresses when you know you’re going to be drinking is just heresy. (It’s a long story and it involves alcohol and me screaming “Propeller blades” and twirling around, arms to the sides.)

It is not cute to be embarrassed all the time; it is not cute to have broken so many glasses that you only use steel ones to drink water. It is not cute when there are actual stories starting with “Remember that time when Sharanya banged her head against something/fell of the bed.”

And that fact that television and movies think it’s cute for a girl to hurt herself and make an ass out herself and always get a man who finds all these little idiosyncrasies of her lovable pisses me off. Is it because a helpless little silly girl is what guys want? So, they can take care of her? Is a girl who has no control over her body and mouth endearing?

I do not get it. I just don’t.


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