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All you need is love

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All you need is love

The quest for love sure is one of life’s biggest priorities. Unless you’re on television; then it’s pretty much your entire life and being. Television is full of optimistic, angsty and hopeless romantics that jump from relationship to relationship with funny and creepy results but they power through. Yes, they do.

They are almost all about 30 and their life comprises of endless hours spent at the neighborhood bar discussing their ever-changing love life with their friends.

The most recent ones to join the list is Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project. A doctor by profession, she lives on a standard fare of romantic comedies and believes she will find “The One” as long as she looks hard enough. The critics are pretty torn about this rom-com but three episodes in, I quite like it. It’s a bit typical what with the playboy who has a deeper side, the mean coworker who we secretly hope Mindy will end up with but there is room for good intelligent comedy and I can feel it coming. Also, I absolutely adore Mindy Kaling and will watch anything she’s in. And this show is produced, created, written and stars Kaling.

One of the most popular hopeless romantic of course is, Ted Mosby of How I met your mother that we have been watching since they invented the computers and let people write terribly lengthy scripts on. Mosby bravely (and stupidly) continues on his quest for love while drawing up a long list of what she’ll be like “oh, she has to love my lame jokes”, “oh, she must be a fan of my constant neediness and tears”.

Now, this elusive “one” leaves in its wake a bunch of really nice, pretty and normal people who seem to be dumped because of these character’s delusions.

Finding love and being happy forever? B-o-o-ring. But the constant hunt for one that starts with optimism followed by a disaster date that involves crap like she smiles weirdly, she doesn’t like hummus or she talks about killing her cats all the time and ends with a shrug and ‘eh, the one is still out there’ and more damn optimism.

If I went on as many dates as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, I’m pretty sure I’d probably run out people in Mumbai. Plus, be very broke (anyone notices how this writer never reads and never picks a guy who reads? C’mon, make out with Mr. Big and then discuss Hemingway. That would be hot! Also, I’m quoting Newsroom here, but I know Carrie must’ve made boatloads writing her eight-hundred-word column for a newspaper no one’s ever heard of).

All of these lovelorn characters have jobs that they barely pay any attention to, how can you when you spend half your day running into pretty men at the bakery and the other half obsessing over what she meant when she said “we need to talk”. You’d think after about a billion failed relationships, they’d know better.

My problem isn’t that these are unrealistic, it is television after all, but I’m tired of all of them being clones of each other. The idealistic talk of “all encompassing, unconditional love”, the stupid insights on love….the works. It’s always the same. Surely, the cynics who understand deadlines and dwindling bank balances also find love. Yup, they do. They just don’t spend as much time talking about it and crying on their friend’s shoulders at 3 am on weekday.

The pilot of The Mindy Project is out and other stories

The pilot of The Mindy Project is out and other stories

In the world of funny women, one of our absolute favorites, Mindy Kaling (of the hilarious book and Kelly Kapoor from The Office) is finally out with her own show, The Mindy Project. We watched the pilot this past week. It has it’s staples – a single girl who loves romantic movies, the sex toy, the asshole who’ll eventually turn out to be the the Harry to her Sally. Our love for Kaling is so strong we can only imagine how much funnier this show will get. (Also, Reese Lancing from The Newsroom plays the asshole. Takes some time to get used to).

We have some terrible news this week. The amazing Will Arnett and Amy Pohler are splitting up! After being together for nine years and having two really cute (and large-headed) babies! In our heads, Chris from Up all Night is the perfect husband and Leslie from Parks and Rec is the ideal woman. What is happening? Is there no love left in the world? We are devastated, you guys!

‘Tis the season of trailers and there are quite a few movies to look forward to in the near future. If you haven’t seen it already, here is a trailer of an adaption of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road (Everything about the trailer, except for Kirsten Stewart looks exciting. Ok, fine, she’s perfect to play the flat, personality-less Marylou. Whatever), Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters (the trailer itself has butchered the wonderful children’s story. What is with everyone making dark adaptations of fairy tales a la Snow White and the Hunstmen?) and in the land of Bollywood, Aiyyaa  with Rani Mukherjee and tall, dark and kinda handsome southern star, Prithviraj looks strange and sweet and wakda.

Here’s a new one to add to our favorite tumblrs list: Removies. Famous movie posters miss a single letter to hilarious results.

– Sharanya

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