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Oh Season nine! Zey zink zey are so cool wiz zeir baguettes and zeir Eiffel Tower.

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Oh Season nine! Zey zink zey are so cool wiz zeir baguettes and zeir Eiffel Tower.

Variety reported recently that How I met your mother might come back with a 9th Season.

This show is the perfect example of a great series that’s overstayed it’s welcome, even though Season 7 had great ratings. I love How I met your mother, I relate it to my real life (I want to own a bar called Puzzles and meet a man like Marshall), I quote it all the time and I think that’s how Sheena and I became friends.

But I can’t watch it anymore. I mean, I will still watch Season 9 if and when it does happen but I will hate it.  The last two seasons, with the exception of a few episodes, have been painfully humourless with plots as weak as Barney’s moral ideals.

Since the possibility of Season 9 has been announced, I have been talking to people about what they want from the finale. Most people said they are only watching it because after the amount of time in invested in caring for this mysterious mother, it would be a shame to not know.

The end of Season 7 had Victoria and Ted driving off into the sunset and the big reveal was that Robin was getting married to Barney.

Here are things I hope the next (last?) season manages to do –

A good justification for the Barney and Robin story arc. When the Canadian and the player first started dating, it was a mess. After Nora, there was less legen-dary and more bleh-really? With Barney turning into an annoying puppy. In Season 7, Barney was in the perfect relationship. Quinn was fun and feisty and didn’t turn Barney into a wuss. And bits like the Quintervention and Broath were hilarious. They get engaged and, while I truly love Robin and Barney, I thought Quinn and Barney would make a better couple. Now that Barneys decided to make a go for it with Robin instead, there’d better be a damn good story.

Give Marshall more to do! With the death of his father and him becoming a father himself, his story has been the emotional element of the season but hopefully next season he’ll go back to being funny.

With Lily…actually she’s entirely unnecessary, so who cares.

The mother! While I don’t see why anyone would marry the needy Ted, I need to know who the mother is, and soon. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t want the last scene of the show to be Ted meeting the mother. I want to know the mother a little well before, I want to see Ted falling in love, I want to see them dating and mostly, I want to see every loophole, clue and hint filled and tied up; Rachel Bilson’s roommate, the St. Patrick’s day party, the economics class and everything else. We already know Victoria isn’t the mother because the economics class happened way after he had met her.

One theory that I read online and love is the Barney’s sister theory. When Barney meets his biological father, he talks about a daughter in college. She could have been in the eco class, the party, Rachel Bilson’s roommate and she would be at Barney’s wedding, where Ted meets her….it’s a possibility.

Of course, there are a lot of theories. Whatever way they decide to bring the mother in, just please make it funny!

It would be a shame if the finale was disappointing. That’s 7 years of my life I’ve already given you, HIMYM, make it worth it, please!

Female characters who shine (despite bleak circumstances)

Female characters who shine (despite bleak circumstances)

Elliot Reid from Scrubs

Through eight seasons of Scrubs, I have never stopped feeling bad for Elliot. She’s pudgy, and a complete emotional mess. She cries in broom closets, she loses all her stuff, she gets dumped so many times, I’ve lost count. But she’s a great doctor. She braves all that stuff (when she isn’t crying in a closet) and faces up to Dr Cox managing to not go utterly apeshit crazy.

Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey is one of the most boring protagonists ever. Christina is the real rockstar here. She is the best doctor at Seattle Grace, she’s focussed, she’s driven and she will not take your crap. Well she cannot seem to keep a man. But who cares? She isn’t whining and crying like poor little Meredith, she goes out and kicks ass.

Robin Scherbatsky from How I met your mother

Robin is a news reporter, a pop sensation, a bull fighter, a scotch drinker and a wearer of boots. She is starved for attention from her father and can’t have babies and has a job, that is downright humiliating at times, but through it all, she manages to look hot…I mean, keep a brave face and still be funny.

Arya Starck from Game of thrones

Her circumstances are not bleak. They downright suck. First her dad’s head gets chopped off and she barely has time to register this and she has to make a run for it on account of the most powerful people in the country wanting her captive. She escapes horrific fires, men with swords and inevitable torture. She’s alert, quick-witted and brave. Oh and btw, she’s only 11 years old. Stick ‘em with the pointy end, Arya.

Kima Greggs from The Wire

She’s a woman cop in the most dangerous unit in the city but who cares about that, right? We love Kima, because she comes out of five seasons with her professional integrity intact. Not even her righteous boss, Daniels can boast of this. In season one, when she awakes from a coma, she recounts exactly what she experienced, even when it meant that an extra name could put away a hardened criminal. Justice and fairness, all the way. In season five, she picks chain of command over shielding an errant colleague. Natural Poh-lice.

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