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The casual vacancy, Moby Dick Online and other stories

The casual vacancy, Moby Dick Online and other stories

There’s been a fair bit of buzz about The Casual Vacancy, Rowling’s first adult novel that came out last week. Caustic, stern and critical reviews aside, we found this profile at the New Yorker, the definitive read of the week. We love the profiles they do at the New Yorker. Our favourites so far, has been the one with Taylor Swift and Capotes profile of Marlon Brando. Happy reading.

“Call me Ishmael”. You obviously know that this is one of the most epic lines in literature. If you don’t, then maybe you should catch a reading of Moby Dick live on the web. These guys are already a couple of chapters in, but it’s never too late. This way you can read while getting a manicure. Hello, technology. `

The coolest thing that had to have happened this week was the whole Balpreet Kaur debacle on Reddit. One, props to the girl for being an absolute boss. Two: Mad love to the dude who apologised and became the bigger man. Can we just point out here that, Reddit is getting some serious points for going where no website hath gone before (We’re talking about the AMA by President Obama). Our favourite question was by the user who asked the powerful man, whether he would rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck. (He chose the former.)

So the hilarious folks at Jezebel really know what’s what. Here’s a ridiculous picture-story on how Romney just doesn’t get the infant vibe right (and we mean that in a non creepy way).

Haven’t read Ullysses yet, have you? Neither have we and here’s why we don’t really need to!


– Sheena

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