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Salman Rushdie and John le Carré end their fight and other stories

Salman Rushdie and John le Carré end their fight and other stories

Politically and civically, this has been a pretty messed up week for Bombay, but in all the confusion and the hullabaloo we still found a bunch of things on the internet and several stories of general interest that we liked and you would too.

We love it when highbrow writers feud. Not because we love controversies in general but because the more intellectual the fighter, the more high-larious the fight and later the reconciliation. “Pompous Ass,” is the height of insult apparently. We would recommend “stupid fartface”, courtesy Leslie Knope but that’s just us.  Here, read about this writer feud which has ended, thankfully. And other literary feuds that came to an end after years of sparring.

We love Matthew Inman for real and here’s his very, very realistic portrait of being a writer for the internet versus being a writer for a publication/organisation. We’re a little reminded of what Roald Dahl said about writing fiction in Boy tales of childhood. To paraphrase, it was something about how a writer’s life is the most difficult life in the world but a writer is free. He answers to no one.

Following the news of Obama’s re election into office, everyone’s all about whether he will see his second term through with shining policies viz health, employment and foreign policy. Well, this one’s important too.

TS Elliot’s widow died earlier this week. Yeah, someone who knew Elliot was still alive till last week. Hot damn. To be that old and die having lived with someone that great.

Buffy the vampire slayer fan? Limerick lover? Here’s what happens when both your interests come together.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, try these on for size. They’re elaborate and amazing.

We know you’re waiting for Game of Thrones season  3 and trust me, we are too. Maybe this will pave the way for the long hard winter.

Six webcomics we love

Six webcomics we love
 Hyperbole and a half: She gave us Spaghaaattiiii Naaadle and the ALOT.

The Oatmeal: Matthew Inman is a truly vindictive geek and we love him for it. 

Fukkat gyaan: The life and times of those of us who work with editors.

Another Tower: Take a cab ride with the devil and throw a box full of stories into the sea. This dark toned web comic is both clever and thought provoking.

Cyanide and Happiness: the classic stick figures and the clever slice of life ironies of everyday living make this one a favourite. Also, blood. 

The Vigil Idiot: Thanks to Sahil Rizwan, we can’t stop using What the bhen in daily conversation. Get your dose of colourful, vibrant and idiotic Bollywood here. (If you’re lucky, there’s Hollywood too.)

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