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Movie and Television situations we’ve seen before

Movie and Television situations we’ve seen before

Sex in front of a fireplace: The Notebook is the first one that comes to mind. And on television, The bold and the beautiful and more recently, Homeland. Things have come to such a pretty pass, that when we see a fireplace in the background of a scene we immediately anticipate sexy time.

Strapless dress = expensive necklace as a gift. Do I even have to list them? Titanic for starters and then Pretty woman (and Homeland again). If the woman is wearing a strapless gown you can be sure that the male lead will produce a velvet box and murmur something ridiculous about how he hopes “this will improve it” Yawn. How is it that the woman never has to take off her own jewellery to put his on? Her neck is always bare and waiting. Does she have no nice necklaces of her own?

Tending of the wounds: There is a brawl. The male lead gets injured. The female lead says “you’re bleeding” and before you can say “Hospital” she’s holding an ice pack to his head or tying a pretty expert bandage around his injured arm despite having no experience as either a doctor or a nurse. He just gazes up at her in all his manly and injured glory. Ugh.

Cops eat donuts: No scene with American cops is complete without a box of donuts by their side. How about biscuits or cheesecake or an apple, even? Let’s forget that they are full of sugar and pretty unhealthy, The Simpsons, Dexter and even Miss Congeniality have me believe that cops are a bunch of giant donut guzzlers.

Bitching about someone who’s standing right behind you: Basic rules of life. Ignore a co-worker sobbing in the loo unless you want to get sucked into a spiral of sad stories and before you make fun of someone, look left, right AND behind you. If you are careless about rule number two, we have no sympathy for you. Especially Harry Crane from Mad Men. Making fun of the boss’ wife while in the office? C’mon!

The Emmy winners are out and other stories

The Emmy winners are out and other stories

The Emmy winners were announced today and we are very excited and a little bit annoyed. Firstly, what? How much cooler and funnier must Parks and Rec, Community and Louie be to be nominated for an Emmy? And hasn’t 30 Rock really run past its expiration date? What kind of world do we live in where Ron Swanson and Abed Nadir don’t even get a nomination for their brilliant performances? Huh?

But yay for Modern Family winning for the third consecutive year and hurrah for Louis CK and Homeland and Aaron Paul and Claire Danes.

Yes, it was a bit tiring that the men on Modern Family monopolize the Supporting Comedy Actor section every year. Which is why I was rooting for Schmidt (played by Max Green field in New Girl) but oh well, Cameron is great too. Ho hum.

Also, Amy Pohler was robbed! Again! And so were Bryan Cranston and Mad Men. Boooo.

P.S – How amazing was Aziz Ansari?! Fish n chips!

Speaking of Bryan Cranston, the meth-cook-in-tighty-whities is directing an episode of Modern Family. Having already directed a few episodes of Malcolm in the Middle as well as Breaking Bad, we know this guy has some serious directing chops. We can’t wait for Modern Family to be back, September 26th is almost here. Also, it’s kind of unnerving to see Heisenberg chilling in a suburban home looking way too normal for comfort.

Fanfiction and its tremendous rise in the past few years is a trend really worth observing. From Harry Potter and Twilight to Desperate Housewives and Friends, writers and fans all over the world are creating incredible plot twists and spinning stories for a large audience that seems to lap them up. Some of them are written beautifully and makes you wonder why these guys aren’t creating their own original work of fiction (Readymade characters with already set personalities are quirks are easier to write about then creating characters of your own and breathing life into them is my opinion). But, most or a large amount of fanfiction is sexual. Character pairings like Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter who get it on in the forbidden forest or incestual relations between Ross and Monica are all over the internet. In this story by Supriya Nair, she explores sexual fanfiction in the world of classic literature and reviews Jane Eyre Laid Bare about, well as you can tell from the title, Jane Eyre’s explicit sex life. Though it is doubtful this will make Charlotte Bronte roll over in her grave considering Jane Eyre is already full of sex, we sure want to know what she would think.

If you are active on Facebook, you might have already seen this link doing the rounds with ‘awwws’ and ‘sooo cutes’. Buzzfeed’s 50 most romantic photographs of all times may or may not have made us weep.

– Sharanya

Old timey stuff from pop culture we wish we still had

Old timey stuff from pop culture we wish we still had

A slim cigarette holder: The kind “Janet Snakehole” uses in Parks and Rec. And the kind we’ve seen in Mad Men and Breakfast at Tiffanys.

A telephone that has a separate earpiece and a separate mouth piece: Imagine not having to be “available” all the time. People would have to keep all their appointments and be punctual because hey, I’ve already left and there is absolutely no way to reach me.

Typewriters: The ultimate writer fantasy. You aren’t getting distracted by the Internet and then there is the satisfying banging of the keys as you produce that masterpiece and pretend to be Hank Moody.

Iceboxes: Every time I watch Kora Kagaz, I miss the icebox. Sure, we have way better technology now to make ice but imagine how useful an icebox would be in the hot and crowded ladies compartment. Need an immediate brain freeze? Try the icebox! It’s  ice you can use anytime, anywhere.

A village belle that drives horse-drawn tonga: Name of village belle: Basanti. Name of horse: Dhanno. Why? Because why not?


Drinking, TV style

Drinking, TV style

I spent most of last week watching the US version of Shameless. The show, the plot of which revolves around alcoholism and poverty, is a scrappy affair that builds interest steadily, explores characters and keeps a good hold on plot development. It is a kickass viewing experience and much of it was dominated by the main character Frank Gallagher, an infuriating yet endearing drunk who lets his family of six scramble around to deal with life while he downs drink after drink and eloquently blames the government. Watching the show made me realise that in most of my favourite shows, alcohol and alcohol abuse are either plot devices (for a few episodes) or is a dominant background character (if there is such a thing.) Jimmy McNulty and Bunk Moreland at the railway tracks were the rambling, pissed off drunks. Hank Moody from Californication was the player. Don Draper was the smooth scotch swiller. As for the gang from How I met your mother, I mean why do they even have apartments? They might as well pitch a tent at MacLaren’s and brush their teeth with beer.

There’s actually probably a lot of thought that goes into TV drinking. Drinking is not really drinking unless it’s DRINKING. Being hammered isn’t really being hammered unless the plot requires you to be HAMMERED. Getting bajaed isn’t really….I should stop. Well, as long as you get the point. If I were on TV, I could be in a bar for the better part of the day and still go home to tighten up my essay on socialism and the post-modern world. I’m never drunk till I’m required to be. In an episode of Community, a drunk dial leads to a merry vodka shot meets scotch montage of the person that got drunk dialed, putting ‘em away. The idea is that Jeff needed to settle the equation by drunk dialing Britta who drunk dialed him first. And it had to be genuine. Ding Ding. Plot point. A TV binge also makes for great comedy. Take that episode where Ross drinks himself silly when he found out that Joey and Rachel were a thing. For weeks that speech “L is for love,” was funny even out of context.

So far the best TV Drinking I’ve seen is on NBC’s Parks and Rec where the characters lose all sense of reality after downing, ‘Snake Juice’, an invented drink. The acting was so top of the line- no slurring or exaggerated stumbling- that it amazed me. The morning after scene was even funnier. I wish I could go to work with pillows scotch-taped to my head. What are your favourite TV alcohol moments?

Opening sequences we love

Opening sequences we love

What’s better than a great TV show? A kickass title sequence that builds it up (buttercup)

Game of Thrones

Fresh prince of Bel Air

Mad Men

The Simpsons


The Wire

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