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Our favourite gay characters on television

Our favourite gay characters on television

With Pride week this past week in Mumbai and everything you know, we realised we hadn’t ever acknowledged our favourite gay characters on television. No time like the present though! Whether it’s for their style, wit, humour or personality, we really really dig these guys. Here are our ten best.

Kima Greggs from The Wire: So Kima has been on about five different lists on Project Small Fry and that should prove our eternal fandom. She’s awesome! Not only is she a well-written, nice rounded of character, her no-nonsense, let’s get down to work attitude is downright kick ass.

Omar from The Wire: President Obama called Omar the most interesting character on television. Word. Not only is he the Robin Hood of Drugs in Baltimore, but he carries his sexual identity with pride. Omar comin!

Ian Gallagher from Shameless: We become aware that Ian was gay in the pilot episode of Shameless and we’ll admit it, the moment we saw his pretty face we felt a horrible sense of doom. Would he be written off as a caricature? But hells to the no! Ian trains in JROTC, can shoot straight, can punch out (and then get with) the meanest bullies ever and has a kind, kind heart (remember what he did for Mandy Milkovitch?)

Cameron from Modern Family: Cameron, the more flamboyant of the gay couple in Modern Family simply takes the prize for being interesting. I mean, the man used to be a clown, he won prizes for fishin and huntin, he sings, he dances, he has “reactions” and he loves his mama. Yay Cameron!

Sam from How I met your mother: Though he’s barely on the show, Barneys gay brother, made a great impact. This brother got the Stintson swag, well tell you that much AND he’s about as funny as Barney, which really say a lot. Also, do you remember the style on his kid?

Kurt from Glee: Kurt is a brave teenager and the only openly gay person in his town. He’s dealt with way too much bullying and had way too many slushies thrown in his face and he stays true to who he is. He and Blaine make a perfect couple (We are assuming they are still together. We gave up on Glee some time ago).

Max from Happy Endings: Max is sloppy, gross, funny and kind of hot. He is exceptionally un-cheesy and has no grandiose ideas of romance. He is constantly plotting crazy things and he keeps himself pretty entertained. And his taste in guys is superb.

Callie from Grey’s Anatomy: Callie, of course takes a while to realize she loves women. She is briefly married to George and sleeps with Mark Sloane and has his baby but she is strong and funny and so good at her job. Even this season, when Arizona is being pretty darn difficult (we don’t blame her really. She doesn’t have her legs anymore), Callie is a pillar of resilience.

Oscar from The Office: That episode where Steve Carell attempts to kiss Oscar to prove that he is not homophobic was so tough to watch and we weren’t surprised when Oscar decided to quit (but a paid vacation changed his mind). But post that, Oscar has became a fun, a bit of a know-it-all but very likable.

Jack Mcfarlane from Will and Grace: Just Jack. *Jazz hands*

Who’s got it covered?

Who’s got it covered?

I’ve been listening to lot of covers this past week. The Across the Universe OST, The Mamma Mia OST, Perfect Circles cover of John Lennon’s Imagine, a musician friends cover of Pearl Jam’s Just breathe. Don’t wrinkle your nose. A lot of times, at gigs, when amateur artistes start their set with a cover or two, they’re all these annoying hipsters/indie lovers who grumble and groan because they want original tunes. I personally love covers whether they’re sung by amateurs or professionals and I really think there’s no greater tribute than starting a set, or including a song on an album with a song that’s your version of someone else’s creativity. And as a listener, it’s always amazing to listen to these interpretations of your favourite songs.

For instance, the only thing that connects me to Glee, a show I don’t follow at all, is the fact that it has covers from artists I like. Yeah, sometimes they get commercial and annoying but I can just skip those particular episodes and move on the one’s that I like. Win win.

As far as I’m concerned, Across the Universe had the most rewarding covers I’ve ever heard. First off, the movie was just amazing. Each song had a different angle, added to the plot and were beautifully rendered. The happy-sounding I wanna hold your hand? Suddenly, a yearning plea. If I fell in love again, when sung by a girl, takes on a whole new meaning. The cinematography of I am the walrus, and being for the benefit of Mr Kite, made all the difference to songs that are mostly gibberish, lyrically-speaking. That’s another thing about Across the universe. The film wasn’t just a plot strung through with musical numbers. It had subtext. Beatles moments, that are ingrained in a pop culture consciousness, were brought out- the rooftop concert, for instance. The movie had big shoes to fill and they walked a mile or so in them to boot.

Mamma Mia, which came later, not so much. There was no originality in any of the old Abba favourites. Gimme a man after midnight? Sure, let’s bung it in at a bachelorette party filled with horny women. Does your mother know? Cougar to young beach boy. Take a chance on me? Yeah, if its sung by a woman who wants to get with a man who just got available, that’s totally original. Just make it funny and everything’s forgiven. There’s really nothing to be said about a film so insipid, that even Meryl Streeps’ cheekbones and kind eyes, couldn’t save it. Then again, it did have that plastic looking Amanda Seyfried. I’ve never liked that chick.

Television’s non-skinny women that are totally awesome

Television’s non-skinny women that are totally awesome

Mercedes from Glee: With a voice so big, she leaves Beyonce behind Mercedes is absolutely kickass. Her life decisions are hers and hers alone and you’ll never find her being a typical high-school girl. And she the only one who can carry those amazing notes at the end of every Regionals performance.

Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec: Donna Meagle gets plenty of action, she has a Benz, she’s first cousins with Genuwine, she gets invited to Venenzuela on account of her sexiness and if Robert Pattinson had an hour with her, he’d forget all about Skinny-legs McGee, we’ll tell you that much. Donna Meagle!

Shirley Bennet from Community: The saccharine Christian mother who has an obsessive baking compulsion, was a badass in school, successfully overcame her fear of public speaking and started her own sandwich shop on campus? Yeah, we love her.

Hannah Horvath from Girls: She is nowhere as close to the size of the other women on this list but Hannah is a slightly big girl and while one of the big problems about her life are about her weight, she is still an super, albeit whiny women who deals with her problems the best way we know, by eating cupcakes.

Yes, we could only thing are only four. Says a lot doesn’t it? Maybe you can come up with some.

Haaave you met Neil Patrick Harris?: A tribute

Neil Patrick Harris or NPH or Barney Stinson is awesome. And not only because he is a brilliant actor and has a name that are actually three first names but because of these reasons –

NPH started his career as a child star with Clara’s Heart and Doogie Howser MD, he went on to do a bunch of movies, plays, TV shows, he has a nice family, has never been accused of drug abuse, alcoholism or crazy behaviour. He didn’t grow up to be utterly annoying and a cliché. And thank god, otherwise we may never have gotten

Barney Stinson. NPH plays an opportunistic, manipulative, naïve and incredibly self-obsessed guy with ADHD who “likes to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it all go down.” I can’t think of anyone other than NPH who could have played Barney; he is perfectly vulnerable and indifferent and has set the bar pretty high for living an “awesome” life. Barney Stinson has a great following in the guys-who-need-a-playbook-to-get-girls category and his catch phrases are legend –

NPH and David Burtka (He played Scooter, Lily’s ex boyfriend in How I met your mother) are a lovely, normal couple. They aren’t over the top, they don’t make the tabloids for any other reason, expect when people want to awww at their cute little baby girls (who are hanging out with Oprah in this picture). Here is the two of them playing The Chewlyweds game.

During the writer’s strike of 2008, Joss Whedon created the Dr. Horrible Sing-along log. NPH ays Dr Horrible, a failing superhero who must defeat Caption Hammer, played by Nathon Fillion who is dating the girl he is in love with, Penny, played by Felicity Day. It has 3 acts, was released exclusively on the internet and features some brilliant songs recorded in a small studio in Whedon’s loft. When I re-watched it before writing this story, for research of course, it amazed me all over again. NPH is one of those people who will do interesting things because he has an opportunity to. He has a great part in a big sitcom, he has his movies on the side, but that doesn’t deter him from trying fun new things. Something we all wish we can do with our careers that easily get stunted or boring.

Among his many talents which include looking hot in a suit is singing. He shows it off in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along blog and on even better on Glee. Listen to his cover of Dream on by Aerosmith with Mr Shuster.

Talking about Glee, here’s where you can watch NPH dancing and convincing you that Broadway is not for gays anymore.

Like Barney, NPH is a magician. That’s right. He is currently serving a two year term as president of the Academy of Magical Arts. They are headquartered at the Magi Castle (remember when he threw a dinner party there as a part of a challenge on Top Chef Masters.)

Is there anything this amazing man cannot do? God!

– Sharanya

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