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Five television mashups we would love to watch

Five television mashups we would love to watch

Boss meets The Wire:

What the city of Baltimore might be under the tightly controlled reigns of mayor Tom Kane? We can only wonder. But if The Wire ever met Boss, we’d pay good money to see this show. Especially, the epic showdown scene between Stringer Bell and him.

Southpark meets Archer:

A secret mission where super spies Archer and Lana set out to foul the evil plans of the Russians. Enter Eric Cartman and some of his token destruction. Plan foiled! Godammit Cartman! Also, more scope to kill Kenny in ways more violent? Bring it.

Modern family meets Full House:

First of all when DJ, Stephanie, Michelle and Uncle Jesse’s twins get together with Haley, Alex, Luke, Manny, Lily, you don’t just get a Full House, you get a house that bursts at the seams. Also we get the feeling that if Stephanie Tanner got into contact with the destruction minister Luke, she’d probably “how rude” herself to death. Come to think of it, Kimmie Gibler would fit right in with the Dunphy Gang. Maybe they could adopt her and take her away from the Tanners. Gibbler doesn’t deserve that kind of life, the poor thing.

30 Rock meets Parks and Rec:

The ultimate women in comedy, the crazy and borderline gross, Liz Lemon meets the ambitious nut job, Leslie Knope. Ron Swanson meets Jack Donaghy. Donna Meagle meets Tracy Jordon. Tom Haverford meets Jenna. Chris Tregar meets Kenneth Parcel. Boom! Boom!

Breaking Bad meets Arrested Development:

The Bluth family can achieve what no one can. Our bet is Walter White shoots himself out of sheer frustration of dealing with the crazy family. Although, it would be great fun to see Jesse and Gob do their magic.

“Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”

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“Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”

Thanks Maine Pyaar kiya. We shall carve this down in stone.

Raven, Eddie and Chelsea, Lizzy, Miranda and Gordo, Miley, Lily and Oliver. I was always fascinated that Disney channel made sure all their lead characters had two best friends, one of each sex. There was never a romantic angle there (except in the Lizzy Mcguire movie, when she kisses Gordo).

With kid shows, friendship is easy but past 16 and it’s a whole different ball game.

Too few TV shows manage to show that a guy and a girl can be friends without ever adding some romantic conflict. Almost like it’s fucking impossible. One drunken night or one vulnerable evening and bam! None of my friends have ever comforted me by making out with me (and thank god for that).

I’m not saying TV doesn’t explore the concept of friendship well. They do, but it seems like it’s just easier to stick to same sex BFFs. Christina and Meredith (Grey’s anatomy), Raj and Howard (the big bang theory), Paul and Kevin (the wonder years), House and Wilson (House MD), Abed and Troy (Community) Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte (Sex and the City), JD and Turk (Scrubs), Bart and Milhouse (The Simpsons), Leslie and Ann (Parks and Rec)….you get my drift.

But put one boy and one girl together and at some point in the story, one of them is going to hear violins in the background. 90210 and One Tree Hill are so incestuous, you’d think there were no other people left in the world. Naomi was initially sleeping with Liam, and then Annie started sleeping with Liam, who is now sleeping with Silver, who was initially sleeping with Navid, who you used to be sleeping with Adrianna, who is now sleeping with Dixon, who used to sleep with Silver and thank god, that Annie and Dixon are related. And I promise I did not just make that up. Even My Boys, a show about the life and times of a bunch of friends playing poker, theres a conflicted PJ who has had secret kisses with two out of 5 boys (one of them is her brother).

Unless you are kooky like Phoebe who doesn’t fall for any of her guy friends or gay like Will from Will and Grace (or Kima and McNaulty from The Wire if they can be called friends), it’s unimaginable to have a group of friends where everybody doesn’t get involved with each other at some point. If Danny Tanner had a girl best friend instead of Joey, it’d be a whole different Full House. Even the pure, lets-watch-movies-together-in-bed-without-ever-toughing-our –private-parts to-each-others relationship a la Joey and Dawson from Dawsons creek goes to hell in a basket. Dawson starts dating Jen and Joey chooses his best friend Pacey – cue for angst, significant glances and conflict.

ABC Family has an utterly ridiculous show called Jane by Design (I secretly love it) where Jane is juggling two lives, one in the fashion industry and another in High School. Many boys and girls come and go to basically point out that best friends Jane and Billy are meant to be together. Why the fuck? They’ve been friends since they were children, have no shortage of hot girls and guys wanting to make out with them, but none of them work out. Why, they are meant to be together of course.  And Billy realises it first and then moves on when he thinks she’s not interested and then of course, as the season finale rolls in, she realises she’s in love with him. I mean, god! How about some communication? Also, how about realising that you both like different things and are different people. You can be best friends but you can’t be a couple? Also how about keeping it in your pants for once?

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