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South Park FTW

South Park FTW

Opinion on whether South Park is the most amazing show on earth is divided.  There are the people who believe that it’s obnoxious, crude, filthy and that watching it for hours at a stretch can affect your mental balance in the kind of way only a sputtering Arnab Goswami can.

I am an objective outside observer. There was a phase in my life, a dark phase, where I was unemployed, disillusioned and uncertain. That phase was spent in a haze of South Park. When I think of that period of my life, I remember dreaming of small squat little boys talking in unnaturally high pitched voices. When I cried myself to sleep, I imagined my eyes as little crosses and for a really long time my days were divided into reality (which alternated between frenzied job applications and a kind of comatose stupor) and Southpark.

Well, that phase of my life is over and now I can only watch one Southpark episode or maximum two at a time. Still I think of those days fondly and I remember even now, what an extraordinary and clever series it really was. So what if it gives you a headache sometimes, here are some reasons it kicked some serious ass.

All cool shows have a little slice of satire but I’ve never seen it so delicately executed as it was in Southpark. Every other episode has a “haha-but-that’s-so-true” moment and what’s brilliant is it’s delivered with the kind of unintelligent toilet humour that would otherwise make you sick.


That twisted brilliant episode “Scott Tennerman must die.”

The running gags. Whether it’s someone killing Kenny again (“Those bastards.”) or Stan barfing all over his girlfriend Wendy, you really have to hand it to the show for keeping ridiculous crap like that consistently funny. And for over 13 seasons.

The characters. Sure, they’re just a bunch of annoying sounding, dirty mouthed little dudes being wildly inappropriate and having dope adventures in a hick mountain town, but dig deeper. There are some profound character sketches there. Remember Butters? Timmy? Or even Token Black? (because he was the token black kid, geddit?). There are layers to these guys, that you wouldn’t even believe.

Out of the blue literary references.  Would I like a little Charles Dickens along with this weeks episode? Yes I would, please and thankyou. There is dialogue lifted straight out of A Christmas Carol in the episode Starvin Marvin, in season one. And it fits beautifully into the context of the plot.

Celebrities. Tons of them, worked into zany unbelievable story lines. A rogue Barbra Streisand. A hunted gone to seed Britney spears.

The lines “Godammit, Cartman,” ,“Screw you guys, I’m going home.” And the vague expression “M’kaaaay.”

Political satire, current affairs and alternate universes.

It’s unashamed inoffensiveness.

Give it a try, maybe  a second chance. This animated series is a study in awesomeness. Just dont watch it when you’re unemployed.

Five television mashups we would love to watch

Five television mashups we would love to watch

Boss meets The Wire:

What the city of Baltimore might be under the tightly controlled reigns of mayor Tom Kane? We can only wonder. But if The Wire ever met Boss, we’d pay good money to see this show. Especially, the epic showdown scene between Stringer Bell and him.

Southpark meets Archer:

A secret mission where super spies Archer and Lana set out to foul the evil plans of the Russians. Enter Eric Cartman and some of his token destruction. Plan foiled! Godammit Cartman! Also, more scope to kill Kenny in ways more violent? Bring it.

Modern family meets Full House:

First of all when DJ, Stephanie, Michelle and Uncle Jesse’s twins get together with Haley, Alex, Luke, Manny, Lily, you don’t just get a Full House, you get a house that bursts at the seams. Also we get the feeling that if Stephanie Tanner got into contact with the destruction minister Luke, she’d probably “how rude” herself to death. Come to think of it, Kimmie Gibler would fit right in with the Dunphy Gang. Maybe they could adopt her and take her away from the Tanners. Gibbler doesn’t deserve that kind of life, the poor thing.

30 Rock meets Parks and Rec:

The ultimate women in comedy, the crazy and borderline gross, Liz Lemon meets the ambitious nut job, Leslie Knope. Ron Swanson meets Jack Donaghy. Donna Meagle meets Tracy Jordon. Tom Haverford meets Jenna. Chris Tregar meets Kenneth Parcel. Boom! Boom!

Breaking Bad meets Arrested Development:

The Bluth family can achieve what no one can. Our bet is Walter White shoots himself out of sheer frustration of dealing with the crazy family. Although, it would be great fun to see Jesse and Gob do their magic.

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