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Television’s non-skinny women that are totally awesome

Television’s non-skinny women that are totally awesome

Mercedes from Glee: With a voice so big, she leaves Beyonce behind Mercedes is absolutely kickass. Her life decisions are hers and hers alone and you’ll never find her being a typical high-school girl. And she the only one who can carry those amazing notes at the end of every Regionals performance.

Donna Meagle from Parks and Rec: Donna Meagle gets plenty of action, she has a Benz, she’s first cousins with Genuwine, she gets invited to Venenzuela on account of her sexiness and if Robert Pattinson had an hour with her, he’d forget all about Skinny-legs McGee, we’ll tell you that much. Donna Meagle!

Shirley Bennet from Community: The saccharine Christian mother who has an obsessive baking compulsion, was a badass in school, successfully overcame her fear of public speaking and started her own sandwich shop on campus? Yeah, we love her.

Hannah Horvath from Girls: She is nowhere as close to the size of the other women on this list but Hannah is a slightly big girl and while one of the big problems about her life are about her weight, she is still an super, albeit whiny women who deals with her problems the best way we know, by eating cupcakes.

Yes, we could only thing are only four. Says a lot doesn’t it? Maybe you can come up with some.

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