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Mo Yan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature and other stories

Mo Yan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature and other stories

This week, Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature so the literati, the internet and more specifically Twitter, went nuts. This so far is the most interesting thing we learned about Mo – from all accounts, his book was not a controversial one and its merit lies in its literary style alone. This apparently didn’t stop him from doing the right thing and using his status as a nobel laureate for the greater good, as it were. Activism activism. Also, not everyone is happy with the decision.

When you have to say something, you’d best say it well. If you haven’t read what Sidin Vadukut has to say about the business of newspapers in India, how it works and why it fails…then well, you should.

Ron Swanson is the most magnificent man on television. And the man who plays him is not too far behind. Here he is singing the most romantic song he wrote for his wife Megan Mullaly and contains gems like “When you made me your bitch and I made you my wife”. RON SWANSON YA’LL!

There’s a movie out that we think is going to be pretty kickass or whether or not you’re an Alfred Hitchcock fan. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are part of this movie that tracks Hitchcock’s journey of making Psycho. Check out the trailer of Hitchcock here. And while you’re at it, have some finger sandwiches, they’re real fingers.

Ty Burrell, known for epic lines like “I’m cool dad! That’s my thang!” and “I text. Lol. Laugh out loud. Wtf. Why the face?” is about to blow our minds on ABC again. If one Burrell can make us laugh so hard, we choke, imagine what two would do!


– Sheena

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