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Who’s got it covered?

Who’s got it covered?

I’ve been listening to lot of covers this past week. The Across the Universe OST, The Mamma Mia OST, Perfect Circles cover of John Lennon’s Imagine, a musician friends cover of Pearl Jam’s Just breathe. Don’t wrinkle your nose. A lot of times, at gigs, when amateur artistes start their set with a cover or two, they’re all these annoying hipsters/indie lovers who grumble and groan because they want original tunes. I personally love covers whether they’re sung by amateurs or professionals and I really think there’s no greater tribute than starting a set, or including a song on an album with a song that’s your version of someone else’s creativity. And as a listener, it’s always amazing to listen to these interpretations of your favourite songs.

For instance, the only thing that connects me to Glee, a show I don’t follow at all, is the fact that it has covers from artists I like. Yeah, sometimes they get commercial and annoying but I can just skip those particular episodes and move on the one’s that I like. Win win.

As far as I’m concerned, Across the Universe had the most rewarding covers I’ve ever heard. First off, the movie was just amazing. Each song had a different angle, added to the plot and were beautifully rendered. The happy-sounding I wanna hold your hand? Suddenly, a yearning plea. If I fell in love again, when sung by a girl, takes on a whole new meaning. The cinematography of I am the walrus, and being for the benefit of Mr Kite, made all the difference to songs that are mostly gibberish, lyrically-speaking. That’s another thing about Across the universe. The film wasn’t just a plot strung through with musical numbers. It had subtext. Beatles moments, that are ingrained in a pop culture consciousness, were brought out- the rooftop concert, for instance. The movie had big shoes to fill and they walked a mile or so in them to boot.

Mamma Mia, which came later, not so much. There was no originality in any of the old Abba favourites. Gimme a man after midnight? Sure, let’s bung it in at a bachelorette party filled with horny women. Does your mother know? Cougar to young beach boy. Take a chance on me? Yeah, if its sung by a woman who wants to get with a man who just got available, that’s totally original. Just make it funny and everything’s forgiven. There’s really nothing to be said about a film so insipid, that even Meryl Streeps’ cheekbones and kind eyes, couldn’t save it. Then again, it did have that plastic looking Amanda Seyfried. I’ve never liked that chick.

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