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Er, close the door on your way out

Er, close the door on your way out

A very important lesson that many shows must learn is quitting while you’re ahead. Sometimes, a great story stops being interesting if you take more than 8 years to say it. A lot of shows in the past have done it (I’m looking at you, post Topher Grace That 70’s show) and there are way too many shows, still on air that have overstayed their welcome.

Two and a half men: Currently in its 10th season and with talks of an 11th, this show should have ended many many many seasons ago. I’m a fan of Jon Cryer and to some extent, Charlie Sheen. Their banter was fun to watch in the initial seasons but after a point, the jokes got predictable and the plot lines got thinner than Anushka Sharma. I would be totally open to forgive the few weak seasons if they had shut it all down after Sheen left but they got Aston Kutcher in and now I can’t even stand to watch the ads.

The Office: The Office (the US version) is one of the finest and funniest shows I have ever seen. It is currently in its 9th season and it makes me so sad that every new episode now feels like a burden to watch out of respect, if nothing else. It barely manages to make it past the average line and that’s pretty bad for a show that has made me fall of a chair laughing on many occasions. They should have ended when Steve Carell left in that beautiful episode that was a perfect combination of laughs and tears and that is how I like to remember this show.


How I met your mother: A guy telling his kids the story of how he met their mother while he lived in New York with a bunch of friends. A great premise that should ideally lend itself to 4 seasons, or 5 if I’m being benevolent. HIMYM just completed its 8th season with no sign of the mother or good writing and it breaks my heart.

Grey’s Anatomy: I have now invested seven years on this show. It is in its 9th season and a season 10 may or may not be on the way, but I have watched it, with dedication for 7 whole years. In an ideal world, Grey’s should have ended with five seasons. With the last episode being Derek and Meredith’s post-it wedding. And that entire Izzie imagining Denny bit should have been omitted. Also, Owen Hunt should have been introduced much much sooner. In an ideal world.

30 Rock: I absolutely love Tina Fey and everything about 30 Rock. I love Jack Donaghy, I love Jenna, I love all of Lemon’s boyfriends, I love Subash but the show should have ended with five seasons and its current season being it’s 5th. This season is actually quite brilliant, I just wish it had come sooner and I didn’t have to watch two seasons that made me question whether it was actually ever funny.

My tumultuous relationship with 30 Rock

My tumultuous relationship with 30 Rock

It was the morning of October 11th in 2006 when I watched the first episode of 30 Rock. It was love at first watch. Everything about the show and Tina Fey was fascinating to me. I loved the intelligent humour, the slapstick comedy, the completely idiotic dialogues and the ridiculous characters – Kenneth the page, Jenna the drama Queen, Grizz and DotCom; Tracy Jordan’s entourage and my personal favourite, Pete Hornberger. I watched, discussed, re-watched and re-discussed every episode excitedly. Jon Hamm’s hook hands; Oh my goodness, Julianne Moore with her Boston accent; Look, Aaron Sorkin doing the walk and talk… Was there anything this show could not do?

Well alas and alack, the sky was not the limit. Sometime at the end of season 4, I got bored. Other sitcoms came into my life and I started resenting 30 Rock. The jokes weren’t as funny any more, Liz Lemon’s life had crossed over to the pathetic zone, the plots became thinner and stupider, not in a this-is-so-silly-oops-I-did-a-spit-take stupid; just plain stupid. And after having twitched, read and talked about it incessantly for four whole years; I just gave up. I stopped watching it entirely. I questioned its funniness. Were the jokes my imagination or hilarious because it was a different time? I was lonely and sad, but I knew it was for the best. It wasn’t me, it really was them.


Then recently, I read online that they were nearing their finale and Liz was getting married to her boyfriend Chris Cross. Fond memories flooded back and when they took the form of sometimes Alec Baldwin, mostly James Marsden (who plays Chris) in my head, I knew I was in for it. Then two weeks ago, (it was fate I tell you) I was watching Comedy Central and a rerun came on. It was the one where Jack’s mentor dies and leaves him a pet peacock named Argus that tries to mate with Liz Lemon who is on a mission to uncover Jenna’s new boyfriend Paul’s dark secret. Kenneth and Liz manage to convince Jack that the peacock hold’s his mentor’s soul and Paul turns out to be a Jenna Maroney impersonator.

I laughed till there were tears in my eyes, especially at the bit were the peacock tries to mate with lemon’s mouth and the episode ends with two Jennas making out.

Hilarious.  What the hell, you only live once, I said to self, and decidedly downloaded all the episodes I hadn’t seen, starting from Season 5. It’s two weeks later and I am all caught up, right up to season 7 and it has been a rollercoaster. Liz Lemon’s wedding was so badass (Tina Fey’s daughter played a young Liz Lemon), Jack and his marriage to Avery Jessup was so twisted; it pulled me right back in. And I’m here again. Here meaning at that place, where I want to discuss every episode and talk about how funny Tracy Jordan is and how cute Chris is.

When the show finally does leave me, in an hour long special on January 13th, I know that, despite the fact that I almost gave up on it, it pulled through for me heroically. Now I know, I will always love 30 Rock. *sniff*

Five television mashups we would love to watch

Five television mashups we would love to watch

Boss meets The Wire:

What the city of Baltimore might be under the tightly controlled reigns of mayor Tom Kane? We can only wonder. But if The Wire ever met Boss, we’d pay good money to see this show. Especially, the epic showdown scene between Stringer Bell and him.

Southpark meets Archer:

A secret mission where super spies Archer and Lana set out to foul the evil plans of the Russians. Enter Eric Cartman and some of his token destruction. Plan foiled! Godammit Cartman! Also, more scope to kill Kenny in ways more violent? Bring it.

Modern family meets Full House:

First of all when DJ, Stephanie, Michelle and Uncle Jesse’s twins get together with Haley, Alex, Luke, Manny, Lily, you don’t just get a Full House, you get a house that bursts at the seams. Also we get the feeling that if Stephanie Tanner got into contact with the destruction minister Luke, she’d probably “how rude” herself to death. Come to think of it, Kimmie Gibler would fit right in with the Dunphy Gang. Maybe they could adopt her and take her away from the Tanners. Gibbler doesn’t deserve that kind of life, the poor thing.

30 Rock meets Parks and Rec:

The ultimate women in comedy, the crazy and borderline gross, Liz Lemon meets the ambitious nut job, Leslie Knope. Ron Swanson meets Jack Donaghy. Donna Meagle meets Tracy Jordon. Tom Haverford meets Jenna. Chris Tregar meets Kenneth Parcel. Boom! Boom!

Breaking Bad meets Arrested Development:

The Bluth family can achieve what no one can. Our bet is Walter White shoots himself out of sheer frustration of dealing with the crazy family. Although, it would be great fun to see Jesse and Gob do their magic.

I want to go to there: A tribute to Tina Fey

I want to go to there: A tribute to Tina Fey

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey. Not because I’m very funny, was head write of a brilliant sketch show, wrote and acted in my own sitcom, win awards or wrote a hilarious book…I kinda have a scar on my face.

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey. I think of a time when people will pay me to write a book about my life as a writer. 30 Rock, like Community has a small but dedicated audience that keeps the fandom alive. 30 Rock is a show about a sketch show like SNL that Fey writes and acts in along with Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBryer. The characters and plotlines are so ridiculous that I’m inclined to believe that that is how TV works. Starting her career with improv comedy with almost no audience to becoming a writer on SNL , writing the brilliant Mean Girls and creating her own show, Fey is the man.

(Also, she dates Matt Damon and John Hamm on 30 rock. For real)

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey because she is open to showing people her ugly side. On 30 rock, we have seen her wearing spanks and sleep eating an entire pizza, sporting a moustache and peeing in a jar to drive a roommate out. Yeah, I can be badass like that too. Do you want a picture of my feet?

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey. A simple Google search will tell you that she changed how women were perceived in television and comedy. She was the first woman who become the head writer for SNL (where she played Sarah Palin in a few sketches) and how she made nerdy, hot.  But these are big important things she completely under plays….ok, wait, I’m the opposite of that. My bad.

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey because in my head, Amy Pohler is my best friend.

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey because, god, I would be a cool mom. If I must write letters, I’d rather write “May she play the Drums to the fiery rhythm of her Own Heart with the sinewy strength of her Own Arms, so she need Not Lie With Drummers” instead of the kind Rani Mukherjee writes.

Sometimes, I think of myself as Tina Fey and try not to take things too seriously and be utterly funny and ridiculous.

– Sharanya

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