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Notes on The Carrie Diaries

Notes on The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries. Oh yayer! A look into the past of the woman who spoke to the modern, sexually liberated woman? Hell, the woman who invented the modern, sexually liberated woman? This should be good. I put my feet up and keep a bowl of salad within reach. Alright, alright it’s a bowl of potatoes and butter. Geez. Food police!

A quick introduction to The Bradshaw bunch, not to be confused with the brady bunch. Bradshaw mom just lost a battle with cancer and her sister is a pot-smoking, kohl-eyed teenager with teenage angst. Her dad seems nice.

Oh look. Carrie’s off to school. Of course, there are a bunch of snobby, popular mean girls who wear way too much make up. Stage for coming of age staple. Carrie has three best friends; Mouse, Maggie and Maggie’s boyfriend. (That guy is gay for sure.)

New kid, with blonde hair and sunglasses. His lips are so strange. It feels like I’m watching Beverly Hills 90210.

Side note: Wait, hold up! Is Mouse Knives from Scott Pilgrim vs the World? Props to the cast of Scott Pilgrim making it on TV. Kim is on The Newsroom, Michael Cera is back as George Michael. Yay!

Oh oh. Seems that Carrie’s the only virgin in the gang. Her friend just called it ‘putting a hot dog through a key hole’. Excuse me while I retch.

Flashback to new kid and Carrie making out in the pool last summer. Well, of course.

Ok, her dad comes to school and she passes out because the last time he did, it was to give her news about her mum dying. That’s kind of sad. He’s come to talk to her about an internship in Manhattan. That couldn’t wait till she came from school?

Her sister has ruined her mother’s bag. But Carrie goes all DIY on it and starts splashing nail polish. Madonna plays in the background. Oh, yeah this is the 80s


Carrie is in Manhattan now! The beginning of everything. That voiceover about the city of dreams and big buildings. Yawn.

She runs into the editor of Interview magazine. Gushing follows. She’s African American and a shop lifter who “collects people”. Ugh. She takes Carrie out partying and drinking and she meets the first gay people ever. Oh, and a sardar guy! They are all dressed idiotically. Cue cheesy voiceover about how Carrie’s lost her virginity (to Manhattan. Nice try) and she feels so much more confident now.

Her sister Dorrit runs away from home and Carrie has an emotional breakdown. Followed by a speech from her dad that is so emotional that it would probably make Danny Tanner proud.

Mouse’s first ever boyfriend has clearly left her. He hasn’t called in two days. I seem to see the stirrings of the Carrie from SATC. You know, always there for her friends and super supportive.

The family together open and pack up their mom’s closet (which is huge by the way. Mrs. Bradshaw was a fashionista obviously. And pretty rich), as part of accepting that she’s actually gone.

What is this I’m watching? This show has crammed every possible teen pop staple into one episode; tragedy, fashion, virginity, trying to find who you are, high school dance, emotional speeches. I mean, that would be okay, if it actually gave us insight into how a popular character evolved and was hence made. This stuff isn’t anywhere near the other kind of prequels we’ve seen. Off the top of my head, prequels from The Wire and those never even got much attention. Yawns galore. Plus the TV screen gave off this glowy flourecent light, everyone wore sweaters and frills and everything was 80s and horrible.

Did I say 80s? God, the show just read my mind. Girls just wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper in the background. Secretly gay boy is looking at a picture of Rob Lowe. Carrie is going to start journaling. Thrilling stuff. Truly fucking thrilling. I probably need some more butter with my potatoes. Sharanya Out.

Amy Pohler and Tina Fey to host the Golden Globes and other stories

So, we’re going to let you in on a little known fact. We’re huge fans of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler so when we hear they’re going to be hosting the Golden Globes in Jan 2013, well, you know what they say about screaming and jumping and tearing ones hair out. And the pair are doing voices? I mean, this proves that there is a god.

This is not a political forum but that doesn’t mean that we do not grieve when policies lead to things like this. Far be it from us to suggest what the President of the United States should or shouldn’t do, but if a tragic incident like this does not lead to immediate action, we don’t know anything anymore. You know what, we take it back. We do want to tell the President what to do. Get rid of the right to bear arms. No more of the Second amendment. Thanks. Jezebel says it best in their brilliant series of rants entitled Fuck you, week.

Bleh-blehbitty- bleh. When will people stop talking just for the sake of talking? Allison Pearson here has a word or two about what makes Mr. Darcy, the hero in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, so damn fine, if you know what I mean. While we’re big fans of Austen (yes yes, you can break out the Chicks and their Jane Austen joke) we fail to see the point of this essay. Darcy is sexy because we can’t read into what he wants and he has a British accent. Can we start talking about Heathcliff now?

Tattoos are great but when they’re about literature, they’re greater. Oh wait, speaking of tattoos, did DeadMau5, also known as the greatest DJ in the world, propose to Kat Von D on Twitter? How terribly, terribly awesome! The tunes at that wedding will kick ass, just saying. Quick question though. Will he wear the Mouse Head down the aisle? All in favour, say aye.


– Sheena

Time’s Top 10 lists are out and other stories

Time’s Top 10 lists are out and other stories

It’s that time of the year again; We spent a day poring over Time’s Top 10 everything of 2012 and especially loved the list of best TV episodes. It totally gave us another excuse to gasp, laugh, cry and discuss great shows some more. You’re right. We actually don’t need an excuse to do that. Also, the book list has of course, been bookmarked.

Speaking of top 10 lists; here’s Emily Nassbaum of The New Yorker on why she hates top 10 lists but here’s her list of why 2012 has been a great year for television.

The promo of the second season of Girls is out. This is of course followed by news of Lena Dunham’s book deal that has been bought for 3.7 million dollars by Random House. Gawker has excerpts and quotes here. They seem fun but 3.7 million dollars fun? We are not sure.

We quite enjoyed reading Jon Michaud’s story pointing out, with good reasons, why The Hobbit is better than The Lord of the Rings.

So we’ve always been pretty unashamed of our fan girl love for Amy Pohler. Here’s Buzzfeed telling us 30 lessons we learned from Pohler this year.

Not that it makes any difference to our lives, but Emerald Green is Pantone’s colour of 2013. Just FYI.


– Sharanya

The Caravan profiles Arnab Goswami and other stories

The Caravan profiles Arnab Goswami and other stories

Whether you love him, hate him, make party masks in the likeness of his face, downright despise him or simply love making fun of him – India’s most talked about television anchor Arnab Goswami is a public figure you have to have an opinion on. Read The Caravan’s profile of the man. It was the highlight of our week.  As with all of the publication’s coverage, the story was detailed (very detailed), informative and insightful.

Joan Acocella over at The New Yorker can always be counted on to render a good old piece of insight every now and then. (Except when she disses Game of Thrones, which is just pure wrong). Read her story on how some good books just have really bad endings.

The day has come. No more Sherlock for us. BBC has kissed its India chapter goodbye.  And while this terrible news for good programming, you know, what’s dead may never die (We love torrents. Shhh).

Do you like foxes? No? Well, when you think about it, who does?  But we thought these were pretty cool. Honestly, I love to find interesting things like this, don’t you? I could just look at it all day.

Let it be known to all that we love cheese, butter, cake and peanut butter. We don’t know why but we just do. So obviously, this history of peanut butter in the New Yorker got us all hooked. Which is good. But it also made us hungry. MOAR PEANUT BUTTER.


– Sheena


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