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“A suitable boy is longer than the Bible. Woah! Vikram Seth has more to say than God does!”, “Hey, Ram Kapoor was sexy once,” “Idris Elba needs to be crowned the king of the universe, immediately”, “Meeting Danny Glover? Bucket list has been updated.” “Only an Indian would understand why Kima Greggs from The Wire makes you hungry. (Can we get pao with that?)”

Small Fry is the digital version of every conversation over chai or beer you’ve had. We, Sharanya and Sheena, are two small writers in a big glittering aquarium of brilliance and we are in awe. Books, movies, music, television, journalism and anything else that catches our fancy – Project Small Fry is an attempt to put our hero-worshipping, restlessly opinionated, pop-culture-struck asses on the line and try and get our little voices heard.

You can talk to us at or at your regular coffee shop. We’ll be the two girls excitedly making plans to take over the world.

P. S – A special shout out to Arvind Menon for the superb masthead. May his glass always be full of whisky.

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  1. You go girls! :*
    love it !


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