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Five amazing cats from Popular Culture

Five amazing cats from Popular Culture

Mister Mistoffelees from Cats, the musical: As far as the caste of Cats go, they’re all pretty great. For a while it seemed like we’d pick Rum Tum Tugger,  but we gotta go with Mister Mistoffelees, the original Conjuring Cat, because you know, MAGIC TRICKS. Maybe it’s a personal thing, but it turned out my parents were Andrew Lloyd  Webber fans and as a little seven year old girl, try listening to this and not going all oooooh! Hey Presto!

Tom from Hanna Barbra’s Tom and Jerry: Yeah, yeah, we know hes always bested by a cheeky little Brown Mouse. But we love Tom, for the way his face changes from happy to smug to outraged to content to sad to lovesick to…..and his perseverance. We love his perseverance.

 O’Malley from The Aristocats: First he recues one of the little ones from drowning, then he sits around charming everyone with his smooth talking. Could there be a better Cat in Shining armour even if he does come from the wrong side of the, er, alley? Oh he’s also friends with Scat Cat and his band.

Crookshanks from The Harry Potter series: He has a terrible name and is pretty ugly but major props for figuring out the dog was Sirius and stealing the common room password and giving Peter Pettigrew hard time. Crookshanks is one intelligent feline.

Garfield: He is the ultimate cat. He sleeps and he eats and he doesn’t care about anything. He is snarky and lazy and his life is so uneventful and beautiful, we are totally jealous of him. Plus he loves lasagna.




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  1. A list of amazing cats without the Chesire cat? For shame.

  2. Also, Pop Pop.

  3. Ahem – Rum Tum Tugger from Cats? Salem?


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