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The Caravan profiles Arnab Goswami and other stories

The Caravan profiles Arnab Goswami and other stories

Whether you love him, hate him, make party masks in the likeness of his face, downright despise him or simply love making fun of him – India’s most talked about television anchor Arnab Goswami is a public figure you have to have an opinion on. Read The Caravan’s profile of the man. It was the highlight of our week.  As with all of the publication’s coverage, the story was detailed (very detailed), informative and insightful.

Joan Acocella over at The New Yorker can always be counted on to render a good old piece of insight every now and then. (Except when she disses Game of Thrones, which is just pure wrong). Read her story on how some good books just have really bad endings.

The day has come. No more Sherlock for us. BBC has kissed its India chapter goodbye.  And while this terrible news for good programming, you know, what’s dead may never die (We love torrents. Shhh).

Do you like foxes? No? Well, when you think about it, who does?  But we thought these were pretty cool. Honestly, I love to find interesting things like this, don’t you? I could just look at it all day.

Let it be known to all that we love cheese, butter, cake and peanut butter. We don’t know why but we just do. So obviously, this history of peanut butter in the New Yorker got us all hooked. Which is good. But it also made us hungry. MOAR PEANUT BUTTER.


– Sheena


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  1. Wasn’t it Emily Nussbaum who was dissing GoT?
    Also BBC will be missed for the Grahan Norton Show, Gok and Coupling too! Sob

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