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Five best animals from animated movies

Five best animals from animated movies

Remy from Ratatouille

Despite our absolute hatred and fear for rats, we can’t help but love Remy, the gourmet cook. A tiny rat that could whip up delicious food for you and only had to be paid in tiny blocks of cheese? Talk about win-win.

Oogway from Kung Fu Panda

Master Oogway is a divine being. He believes in the power of the universe and does not believe in accidents. No, sir. This old and wrinkled turtle has attained inner peace and we would have no problems worshipping him.

Pascal from Tangled

Pascal, the lovely little chameleon who cheers and protects Rapunzel while genuinely being a bit of a scaredy cat (Scaredy chameleon?). He changes colour of course depending on how he feels, like a mood ring with access to a the full pantone system.

King Julien from Madagascar

King Julien is a lemur who loves to dance and is a self-proclaimed lord of the colony of lemurs. He is quite literally, the biggest party animal ever. He can shake it and move it like no other. We’d kill to be invited to one of his parties. We’d stand for days in line if we had to. We’d pay our annual salaries to dance with him. We’d call the prime minister….you get the picture.

Timon and Pumba from The Lion King

Timon and Pumbaa would be the ultimate chiller friends. All they do is have fun, eat slugs and look for adventure. Plus they founded the motto Hakuna Matata. No jobs, no bills to pay. We want to have that life.

Joe Biden to appear on Parks and Rec and other stories

Joe Biden to appear on Parks and Rec and other stories

After the super cute things happening in the last two episodes of Parks and Rec, There’s more good news for Leslie Knope. We hear, one of her favorite people, Joe Biden (who even makes it to the quilt) is going to be in the next episode. Don’t you love that everything is going right in Pawnee?

The greatest news to follow the re-election of President Obama, was the leaglisation of Marijuana by Colorado and Washington. For full information on this issue, we read this article that explains Washington’s public health model, what this decision means for the war on drugs and this.

The 14-year-old Ariel Winter, Modern Family’s Alex was removed from her mother’s care following allegations of physical and emotional abuse a few days ago. Word is that this was Ariels way of getting back at Mommy not being crazy about her boyfriend. We don’t know what the truth is but it’s always nasty business when kids are the target of gossip and scandal. We hope she is alright and powers through.

If you haven’t heard of book spine poetry already, you should check them out. We are already imaging a million combinations that can bring poetry to our book shelves.

And now here’s something to cheer you up on a Monday morning. We’ve already lol’d, rofl’d and lmao’d at the history of misheard lyrics and we are sure you will too. I believe in marigolds!


– Sharanya

Happy Ending vs Friends

Happy Ending vs Friends

Every book about youthful angst isn’t trying to be The catcher in the rye and every sitcom about a group of friends isn’t trying to be Friends.

Friends and TV watchers, today I urge you to stop quoting, talking about and mostly importantly, comparing new shows to Friends. Friends was something beautiful that happened to our lives. We laughed, we cried, we wished people would get off planes for us but now, it is time to let it go.Let it go, I say. I know it’s tough and it will take time but this is 2012 and really, we need to move on and fill the Friends shaped hole in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them as much as you do; their incessant coffee-drinking, their sexual exploits, their hilarious jokes, everything. But I’m really tired of critics comparing every new show about a bunch of friends with Friends. So, this column right here, is me defending the “friends rip-off” Happy Endings.

Happy Endings premiered last year on ABC and is currently in it second season. It is about Alex, Jane, Dave, Penny, Max and Brad, a group of friends who live in Chicago. Alex and Jane are sisters, Jane is married to Brad, Alex left Dave at the altar, Max is a lazy gay dude and Penny is the crazy, obnoxious goof.

The show fills us to our hearts content with witty banter (one of the few things I love in television dramas), pop culture references (not obscure and brilliant like Community but real ones I could use in general conversation) and the absolute whacky plot lines (the believable kind. Not the ‘only happens on TV kind’).

The show never treats love and romance too seriously but understands so much about it. The comedy is intelligent yet downright silly. The actors bring a sense of improvisation to it, which makes it look unwound, like a real group of friends hanging out. Casey Wilson who plays Penny brings her in-your face physical comedy to the show. Sure, intelligent comedy is lovely but falling down a flight of stairs is just rib-hurting hilarious.

In an early episode of Community, Abed mentions how he is Chandler and Annie is Phoebe (“they never really had stories together”). (I guess he forgot the famous contest to see whether Chandler would finally admit he was doing Monica) And that strikes me as something really important. In Happy Endings, everyone is friends with everyone. The group comprises of spouses, exes and siblings, yet Jane is friends with Max and Dave and Alex are fully formed characters and not two halves of a couple.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that every show about a rat pack, whether it is How I met your mother or It’s always sunny in Philadelphia isn’t trying to be Friends. Let go of the comparisons. A bunch of oddball friends hanging out is not really the most novel sitcom format but more than one good show can come out of it.


The anti-anti-Disney post

The anti-anti-Disney post

I blame my older cousins for taking away my childlike naïveté. Did Santa really climb into our 4th floor apartment (through a locked window grill) while we were at midnight mass? (“They put the presents under the tree when you’re waiting at the car.”) The truth about where babies come from? (“I’m not lying. Here’s a dictionary, look up “intercourse””) The tooth fairy. (“Don’t tell them when the next one falls off and see what happens.”)

As it turns out I followed that last suggestion. Sure enough, the tooth was still under my pillow the next morning. Know what I did? I left the offending thing under my pillow and came to breakfast announcing that it fell off while I was brushing. I got my coin the next day. I know what you’re thinking, but no, I didn’t do it for the coin. I did it because I was pretending to myself, that the tooth fairy did exist and that the parent’s thing was a lie. As a kid and even now as an adult, I’d rather pretend, than face up to uncomfortable truths, even when I know better. That’s why when I see things like this on the internet, it irritates me. Come on. As children, we were told a lot of lies and now that we’re adult, we know better. That’s how life works but after cynicism became cool, people have forgotten to ignore and pretend. It seems to me that everywhere I look, there’s just more evidence of how pop culture in the 90’s set us 90’s kids up for a harsh world of bitter truths, or how Disney taught us all the wrong lessons (Hey thanks a lot, Disney. Because of you, I sing songs to random birds all day and think that the perfect kiss involves someone dipping me.)

The point I’m trying to make is simply this. Nobody took away any life lessons from the Disney princesses and from the 90’s. We just watched them and moved the fuck on. Lots of women today think that being kissed while you’re asleep by someone who’s never met you is borderline creepy (but if you’re into that, hey, no judgement) and the same women have probably watched, read and enjoyed Sleeping Beauty. And if any guy tries keeping an ordinary woman locked up against her will, the way the beast did belle, then he shouldn’t complain that he won’t be able to have children anymore.

As adults, we live and handle this world, the way it’s meant to be lived and handled or we die. The television we watched and the books we read when we were between the ages of 6 and 12, have nothing to do with how we live our lives today, so why bring it up and ruin a good thing? I think the ending of My fair lady is terribly unfeminist, but it’s still my favourite movie, right?

And life isn’t as dramatic at art and really Cracked? You’re going to blame The fox and the hound for segregation? Everybody should just please remain calm and slowly remove the coolness-crises arrow from their respective knees.

Oh, but I’m probably inclined to agree with this.

On another note, everyone please have a happy and safe Diwali. Remember, a great Diwali is a Diwali where our eardrums stay in one piece for usage through the remainder of our days.


Supporting actors that kick ass

Supporting actors that kick ass

Leo from That 70’s show: We have never seen a more spaced-out, clueless, weed- happy, hippy loser in all of television. Leo, proud owner of the Foto hut where Hyde works, is full of little gems of brilliance. Sample this: Leo: You drive. I can’t since my licence got suspended. Hyde: What for? Leo: It fell into my glass of soda. And it just hung there. Suspended.

Roger Sterling from Mad Men: While every character on Mad Men is nuanced enough to inspire their own show, it’s Roger Sterling, that slim silver haired genius, that we are especially fond off. Maybe it’s because he’s never seen without a drink in his hand or the fact that he has mad game. It could also be his dry, witty humour.

Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec: We totally love Ron Swanson, but we pick Tom Haverford for his pure ingenuity. He has kickass business ideas, kickass made up names for every thing (eggs are pre birds or future birds), his house is a dream, he makes up songs on the spot, he’s weird, he’s a freak, he’s friends with Jean Ralphio, he invents drinks, he invents perfumes, he’s a cashmere, velvet, cashmere candy cane…we could go on you know.

Sheela from Shameless: She’s weird but she’s strong. She’s crazy but she means well and she’s a right old bleeding heart. We would totally call her a saint if it weren’t for her ideas of a good time in bed.

Jack McFarland from Will and Grace: Why this show wasn’t just called Jack and Karen is truly a mystery. Jack McFarland deserves his own show for so many reasons, his love for Cher, his singing, owning his own tiny café in the hallway but mostly for his kickass dancing skills he picked up as part of JLo and Janet Jackson’s troupe. Jack hands!

Precious readers who just came here looking for witty banter and shining examples of brilliant writing,

We are sorry but we’ve taken a break this week (no, no, no don’t weep) on account of crazy jumping, dancing and taking in the awesomeness that is NH7 Weekender that has left us exhausted and unable to put sentences in words coherence without. Next week updates back worry don’t.


Sheena and Sharanya

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