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Yash Chopra passes away and other stories

Yash Chopra passes away and other stories

Yash Chopra, responsible for framing our collective idea of romance passed on last night from dengue. I have grown up watching Bollywood’s biggest hits; Deewar, Kabhi Kabhi, Silsila and my personal favourite, Trishul. Chopra heralded a brand of cinema that became a genre in itself. The mountains, snow and Punjab ke khet are branded in my mind as what I would call a quintessential romance. His last directorial venture, Jab Tak Hain Jaan is yet to be released.

For a week now, we’ve been subjected to the most stupid, ignorant, downright offensive and blood-curdling nonsense the Khap panchayats and the Mamta Banerjees having been saying about rape. We’ve read and discussed it all over the internet, but among all the chowmein outrage, we suggest you read this clear and precise piece called What the Haryana Khaps should do by Nilanjana Roy.

“Literary badass” Cheryl Strayed who used to write an anonymous advice column called Sugar Says has been consistently telling lost and desperate souls who write to her to quit their whining  get over themselves and get to work. Drawing from her own life and loss, Sugar writes firm but beautiful advice. Here she talks about her book being selected for Oprah’s book club. If you haven’t read a Sugar column before, I suggest you start with “Write like a motherfucker” and “We are all savages inside”. Thank me later.

And now that you’re sniffling, (If you aren’t, you didn’t read the Sugar columns linked above, did you? And if you have read them and still aren’t tearing up, what is up with you, you heartless rock?) here’s something to make you laugh; Rohan Joshi writes a hilarious Star Wars inspired story of The Robert Vadra drama. 

If you have an hour free, get some tea and read this long and beautiful excerpt from Chinua Achebe’s memoir where he talks about writing and more.



– Sharanya


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