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Movie and Television situations we’ve seen before

Movie and Television situations we’ve seen before

Sex in front of a fireplace: The Notebook is the first one that comes to mind. And on television, The bold and the beautiful and more recently, Homeland. Things have come to such a pretty pass, that when we see a fireplace in the background of a scene we immediately anticipate sexy time.

Strapless dress = expensive necklace as a gift. Do I even have to list them? Titanic for starters and then Pretty woman (and Homeland again). If the woman is wearing a strapless gown you can be sure that the male lead will produce a velvet box and murmur something ridiculous about how he hopes “this will improve it” Yawn. How is it that the woman never has to take off her own jewellery to put his on? Her neck is always bare and waiting. Does she have no nice necklaces of her own?

Tending of the wounds: There is a brawl. The male lead gets injured. The female lead says “you’re bleeding” and before you can say “Hospital” she’s holding an ice pack to his head or tying a pretty expert bandage around his injured arm despite having no experience as either a doctor or a nurse. He just gazes up at her in all his manly and injured glory. Ugh.

Cops eat donuts: No scene with American cops is complete without a box of donuts by their side. How about biscuits or cheesecake or an apple, even? Let’s forget that they are full of sugar and pretty unhealthy, The Simpsons, Dexter and even Miss Congeniality have me believe that cops are a bunch of giant donut guzzlers.

Bitching about someone who’s standing right behind you: Basic rules of life. Ignore a co-worker sobbing in the loo unless you want to get sucked into a spiral of sad stories and before you make fun of someone, look left, right AND behind you. If you are careless about rule number two, we have no sympathy for you. Especially Harry Crane from Mad Men. Making fun of the boss’ wife while in the office? C’mon!

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