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R. L. Stine writes horror for adults and other stories

R. L. Stine writes horror for adults and other stories

Ahh, remember the nights spent with a flashlight under the blanket reading Goosebumps (I never did that but I know most kids did)? Well, there’s good news for the fans. R. L. Stine has been busy writing horror stories for adults again (the last time he wrote for adults was in 1995).  His latest book called Red Rain is about Lea Sutter who opens her home to two boys; Daniel and Samuel after their houses are destroyed in a hurricane. The boys have supernatural abilities that will lead to racing hearts, sweaty palms and goose bumps.

If there was a single travel writer I’d take advice from, it would be A.A Gill. The sarcastic, funny and sometimes downright mean writer explains in this Vanity Fair article why the system of Michelin stars need to be done away with and he doesn’t mince his words. Here’s a sample – ““Devout foodies are quieting their delirium of joy at having scored a reservation—everyone and everything here is living up to the honor of adoring this extraordinary restaurant … Uni with truffle-oil gelée and brioche expresses the regret that we have but three stars to give.” That’s not a review of Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare—it’s a handjob.”

There is no denying that as an Indian, Bollywood has a huge impact on our lives, our conversations and our choices. We argue over our favourite heroes and everybody has an opinion on Hindi movies. Which is why we love this story by Supriya Nair who reminded us of the Sridevi vs Madhuri camp (my family, is divided by the Kishore Kumar vs S. P Balasubramanian camp. Or The tambrahms who live north of Chennai vs the ones who live in Chennai). And this story in The Hindu that explores the tiny town of Wasseypur, now famous as the violent town in Anurag Kashyap’s last movie.

Have you ever sat through a conversation that you can barely comprehend or doesn’t interest you at all only because the person talking is so passionate about the subject you couldn’t possible interrupt them? This story in the Slate about airline baggage tags is like that. It sounds pretty dull but the writer goes super nerd and explains why they are a masterpiece. And I think I believe him.


– Sharanya

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