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Malcolm McDowell to appear on Community and other stories

Malcolm McDowell to appear on Community and other stories

There’s more news about Community, there’s more news about Community! Following Dan Harmon’s exit from this kickass show, we have actively tried to repress our fear of what Season 4 will bring. But with October 19th looming pretty close, it’s time to scan the interwebs and look, Malcolm McDowell is coming in for two episodes as a history professor, Cornwallis.  If the previous proffessors are anything to go by (Michael K Williams aka Omar), this might just turn out to be community-level of epic. And lest you’ve forgotten how awesome the actors are, here’s a video of all of Alison Brie’s raps.

We love Jennifer Garner for Juno, Ty Burrell for Modern Family and Olivia Wilde for House MD. And as if to make our dreams come true, they are coming together along with some butter for a new movie. Called Butter. Yup. With so many of our favorite things in one movie, we can’t wait for this movie about butter sculpting and the trailer is absolutely kooky.

This month, with Curiosity sending us pictures of Mars and Neil Armstrong’s death had us thinking of what marvelous space exploration will see in our lifetime. Not being great fans of space technology (or even fiction of that kind), to me, it is amazing in the most basic stupid way, like it would be to a child. We sent real human beings on the moon. The moon. A satellite with no gravity that we can see from Earth. Men have been there. The thought puts so many things in perspective. As Armstrong said, “I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” As a bonus, here’s NBC News declaring ‘Neil Young’ the first man on the moon, dead. RIP Neil Armstrong. And of course, tributes are also in order for AK Hangal, the man who gave us ‘itna sannata kyun hai bhai’ and the ‘he’s still alive?’ jokes. RIP.

If like us you’ve been excited (read jumping up and down like a bunny on crack) about Season 4 of Arrested Development, you must have already seen the pictures from the set and have already started re-watching Season 1 like a true fan.  And you’ve also probably seen these 53 Arrested Development jokes you probably missed, but we are going to share it anyway. Talk about an eye for detail.

– Sharanya


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