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What women want: The male character you can have a crush on

What women want: The male character you can have a crush on

This article did two things for me. First it made me aware that somewhere in the world, there’s a legit system where you get to go on a blind date based on the authors both parties like. So like, hmmm, I adore Wodehouse and you like Irvine Welsh. We have such great balance. Let’s get together. That’s a idea in there somewhere.

Second, the premise of the story was a real eye opener. Really? Women don’t really go for the throw-normalcy-to-the-wind-and-take-off Jack Kerouac? Well, when I think of it, why would they? Would you want your boyfriend to up and leave all of a sudden? On the road sexiness stops at the page.

What male character, in books, television and film, is really a sure thing when it comes to a woman’s new and improved imagination? It’s probably getting tougher for writers to come up with a hero that’s complex enough to satisfy girls today. Most times, they have stop themselves from making him an outright romantic hero, because our modern new-age woman-ness would reject that instantly. Everything has to tread a fine line and maintain a balance. You can be a complete, misogynist jerk like House MD and I will swoon like a teenager but overdo it slightly like Harvey Spectre and I’ll actively have to stop myself from punching you in the face.

Jane Austen created Mr. Darcy over a century ago and we’re still using him as a blue-print but that perfect gentleman rescuer deal is getting a little tired. Shameless does a twist on the whole knight in shining armour routine. Jimmy/Steve is always just on the verge of sweeping Fiona off her feet and away from her troubles. Then the plot throws him into situations that force him to bolt. Speaking of Shameless, Lip Gallagher has to be the winner in terms of sexiness, his doped out frog looks, notwithstanding. I can practically hear women the world over sighing whenever he gets fucked over, or giggle at how careless he is about his intelligence.

There are some male characters that never go out of swoon-style (yes I just made that word up) There’s the jerk with a tender twist. There’s slick, confident and rich (Every James Bond ever) and there’s the lovable but always in trouble boy-child. But we’ve seen these guys again and again. We bore easily. Daniel Craig got laid of the line “Would you come in here a minute?” I wish you could hear me pssht.

Bottom line, unless you’re stuck somewhere in mills and boon never never land, you always want more from the characters you read about or watch. Or maybe that’s just me being exacting.


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  1. Hey…i’m writing a book that is soon to be published. I’ve used a few ideas from here in a couple of places (nothing word by word). Hope you dont mind. Thanks.


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