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TV deaths that made us cry

TV deaths that made us cry

Wallace from The Wire:

16 year old Wallace with his million foster siblings. We were just falling for his wide eyed innocence and BAM. By his two best friends. But the game is the game.

Bodie from The Wire:

Bodies death was spectacularly horrifying and sad. At his corner, he died a soldier, loyal and tough to the end.

George from Grey’s Anatomy:

Oh poor John Doe almost dying for his noble act. Wait, what is that he’s writing on Meredith’s hand? Wait, what? 007? That’s….Nooooooooooo. The post aww-poor-baby George dying in the fifth season was the most heart-breaking death of all time. Hands down.

Ned Starck from Game of Thrones:

That scene, the sudden confusion when Joffrey said what he said, the suddenly hushed crowd, the blurred sea of faces and then the birds that took flight when the axe fell. Tears. So many tears.

Lexie from Grey’s Anatomy:

Characters on Grey’s Anatomy tend to move on from heartbreak pretty damn quickly. Yes, they cry and are angsty, but soon enough, an incredible hottie walks into Seattle Grace and it’s all ‘let’s have sex in the on call room’ before you can blink. Lexie on the other hand, sweet, smart little Lexie never really got over Mark. Her death last season was so untimely and depressing, it left me clutching my face and with an empty box of tissues.

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