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Six webcomics we love

Six webcomics we love
 Hyperbole and a half: She gave us Spaghaaattiiii Naaadle and the ALOT.

The Oatmeal: Matthew Inman is a truly vindictive geek and we love him for it. 

Fukkat gyaan: The life and times of those of us who work with editors.

Another Tower: Take a cab ride with the devil and throw a box full of stories into the sea. This dark toned web comic is both clever and thought provoking.

Cyanide and Happiness: the classic stick figures and the clever slice of life ironies of everyday living make this one a favourite. Also, blood. 

The Vigil Idiot: Thanks to Sahil Rizwan, we can’t stop using What the bhen in daily conversation. Get your dose of colourful, vibrant and idiotic Bollywood here. (If you’re lucky, there’s Hollywood too.)


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  1. May I also suggest

    Questionable Content: A hillarious webcomic about a bunch of youngsters and talking about their love lives, indie rock and android robots. Watch-out for filler characters such as loud bird, turkeys and towel chick.

    and Johnny Wander: A webcomic about the lives of real life couple Ananth and Yuko, who live together and love cats. A very slice-of-lifey thing!


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